Call Centre Code of Ethics
Designed By Kevin Robinson, Jim Douglas, Mike Cheverie

As we are Learners in the Call Centre and Customer Service Excellence Program at Holland College, we will relate our business ethics project to a call centre. First we'll share the Code of Ethics as posted in our learning environment:

We, the Learners of the Call Centre and
Customer Service Excellence Program, are committed
to achieving harmony in the learning environment.

We will create a team-building spirit promoting respect,
trust, and tolerance of each other's differences.

Confidentiality and integrity is our motto.

To best address this project on business ethics, we have created a Code of Ethics for a typical Call Centre involved in both outbound telemarketing and inbound customer support. The Code of Ethics is not just another list of rules and regulations they are words to live by and the basic foundation from which a Call Centre should operate. All business decisions should be made in accordance with this code.

Call Centre Code of Conduct

The Call Centre is committed to providing service excellence to our customers while creating and maintaining a clean safe work environment for ourselves, promoting respect, trust and tolerance of each other's differences. This code defines the parameters within which a rewarding and mutually supportive working environment can be created and is based on the assumption that most employees already uphold these standards of conduct.

1. Honesty
All offers must be stated clearly and honestly so that both parties know precisely what they have committed to and what they can expect in return.

2. Proper Identification
All telemarketing calls should begin with the name of the company on whose behalf you are calling clearly stated, followed by the name of the agent calling.

3.Purpose of the Call
The telephone representative will disclose the principle reason for the call as soon as is possible in the conversation.

4.Hours of Operation
Outbound Calls
Outbound calls to either business or consumer shall not be placed during hours that may be perceived as unreasonable that is before 8:00am or after 9:00pm(local time at called party's location).On Saturdays it is suggested that no calls are placed before 10:00am or after 9:00pm. On Sundays no calls are suggested before 12:00 noon. No calls should be made on public or religious holidays. The telephone representative shall be sensitive to any inconveniences caused during weekend calling.

4a. Inbound Calls
The timing of inbound calls is determined by the customer and the offer or agreement of the service provider.

5. Training
Prior to making or receiving calls, all telemarketing representatives shall receive adequate training in professional telemarketing skills and adhere to recognized practices and procedures including adherence to any and all laws and regulations pertaining to telemarketing.

6. Privacy
Telemarketing technology enables the collection and exchange of personal information on a scale unprecedented in the history of civilization. There is increased potential for violating the privacy of individuals or groups. It is the responsibility of the teleprofessional to maintain the privacy and integrity of all data describing individuals. This includes taking precautions to ensure the accuracy of the data collected as well as protecting it from unauthorized access or accidental disclosure to inappropriate individuals. Procedures shall be implemented to allow individuals to review their records and correct any inaccuracies.

7. Integrity
Honoring one's commitments is a matter of integrity and honesty. For the teleprofessional this includes honoring contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities.

8. Respect
Respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for our environment.

9. Testimonial
Any testimonial given by a marketer will be accurate and with permission of the original source.

10. Client Privacy
Marketers will remove a customers name from a call list when asked to do so by that customer. Customers who have an unlisted phone number will not be contacted unless they have given consent to do so.

11. Children
Marketers will use common sense and discretion when marketing to children. They will be sensitive to the age targeted along with the knowledge and maturity of this demographic.

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